Welcome back to more iNSD goodness! The Creative Team couldn’t let the designers have all the fun, so we decided to host a bloghop too!

We made Journal Cards that are perfect for pocket scrapbooking, but can be used on any layout! And, you can get them for free!

If you joined the designers for their hop, you know how this works. But, if you are just joining us, here’s how it works:

Start at the beginning by visiting Sarah Hemmert’s blog. On her blog post, you’ll find a letter, the first letter of that special coupon code. Sarah will then link you to the next stop on the hop. Collect the next letter and continue until the hop stops. Once you have the entire code, it’s 30 characters, jump on our site, add the More or Less Cards to your cart, add the special code to the coupon discount during check out and  you’ve got a huge free set of cards for iNSD.

Here is the complete list of participants in order:

Sarah Hemmert 
Katherine Hansen
Mandi Buchanan
Kate Christensen
Rachel Alles
Anna Drozd
Jan Fortier
Carey Bridges
Emilie Stevenson
Ronnie Crowley
Amy Kingsford
Jennifer Hignite
Celeste Smith
Melanie Ritchie
Aria Andrus
Jennifer Evangelista
Linda Roos
Christy Carlson
Barbara Unzen
Mary Rogers
Arielle Gordon
Jeryn Carlisi
Indah Permata Sari
Melanie Call
Jen Papadimitriou
Erin Taylor
Kelly Mobley
Kim Hammond
Wendy Bretz

Don’t forget that we are just getting our iNSD celebration started, join us tomorrow for chats at 11 AM and 7 PM, MST. Following each chat, we’ll jump right into a Speed Scrap. Watch for instructions to participate in our Instagram Scavenger Hunt, and don’t forget to Pin your dream cart, you could win!


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  3. DonnaReply

    There are so many players who don’t have their letters available yet…some are even showing “Content not found” on FB.

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  5. Outi HeiskaReply

    I do not know what is wrong my discount code with the offer it is PECOCTROCKSYOURSOCKSTHLSINSD13

    it says that “The coupon code entered is expired or not valid”

  6. nrusReply

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Thank you!

    I went through the hop and collected the code however it’s saying that it’s expired or not valid. Wondering if the free with purchase that gets added to the cart is causing a problem?? Or maybe I’m not doing something right. Thanks for your help.

  7. AndreaReply

    Emilie Stevenson link is not working it says:

    “Nothing Found
    Apologies, but no results were found for the requested
    archive. Perhaps searching will help find a related post.”

    There is no post in this blog, can not pick up the correct letter :-(

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  11. MelissaReply

    I’ve gone through all of the blogs, collected all of the letters, and the discount code isn’t working. It says above that it is 20 characters, but I have way more than 20 characters collected…. Is that the issue?

  12. NicoleReply

    I have tried the code and several others have posted on the last blog that the code doesn’t work. I am having the same issue. Can you please instruct.

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  14. lmjrockoReply

    Code doesn’t work for me. I got the kit, but not the cards. It say 20 characters above, but there’s more then 20 participants?

  15. Karen GowerReply

    I did not know this Blog Hop was only for registered folks. Your site says nothing about that. However when I attempted to sign up with my info the field wasn’t working. I am most disappointed. Also on your list of participating bloggers Arielle Gordon’s blog did not recognize the “hop” and had no letter code. Nevertheless I am upset with the results of the 45 min. I spent on your “hop” with no results.

  16. SharonReply

    Hi again – I was able to collect all the letters but still not the very first one – Sarah Hemmert – but I was able to guess it. The code still does not work in the shop plus I have over 20 letters – Ive tried entering the 2o letters – all caps, then I tried entering all of the letters – there are 27 plus the number at the end collecting at Wendy’s blog. Still no luck – I get an invalid code entry. It’s a beautiful kit and I love the journal cards – would love to have them. Thanks

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  18. RJReply

    Hi There…

    I Have A Question?…I Went To The Store & Entered The Code For These Awesome Journal Cards…I Tried This 3 Times & It Doesn’t Work…Can You Explain?…


  19. Gwen BunnellReply

    Is the offer for the “More or Less” journal cards Freebie” over? I saw & completed the hop today, have 29 letters plus the #13. But found no coupon. Read the blog a few minutes ago, and it said there should be only 20 letters. Were is the coupon and how do you decide which 20 letters to use. If the offer is over, why is it still being advertised? I didn’t see see deadlines listed.

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