May is one of those months that is over in a blur, at least in my house. We juggle multiple sports, end-of-school-year trips, club and community activities, and several work obligations, which means I’ve got no shortage of material for my Project Life layouts. The trouble is trying to keep up with everything until I have a spare moment to sit down and get them scrapped.

To help keep me organized, I rely on a couple of basic tools: a combination of social media and a simple notepad from Target’s Dollar Spot. The notepad is organized with a space for each day. Before bed, I sit down and briefly jot down the main things that happened during the day. On Sunday evening of each week, I flip the notepad page over and quickly sketch out a Project Life layout and make notes of where I want items to go. I scroll back through my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook feeds and then jot down which photos and events go in the different spots on my layout. Then I just store the page of notes on a clipboard on my desk until I have some time to scrap. This keeps everything in one handy spot, and I don’t have to worry about forgetting anything.



I’ve asked some of our Creative Team members to share how they keep up with Project Life when life gets busy. Here’s what they had to say:

Indah: “I do OhLife. Keeps things simple by e-mailing you everyday, and you just reply with what you’re doing.”

Barbara: “I’m not that organized. I mostly just glance through my photos for the week, look through my iCal to see what was going on and that’s mostly it. I also take screenshots of various things I see on-line and sometimes use those as journaling cards. I’ll glance through my desktop for screenshots I might want to use. I also occasionally use the Momento app on my iPhone. That tracks things I post in FB, Instagram, Blogger and also I can add things in there as well.”

Melanie: “I’m more of a “what not to do” when it comes to organization for PL. It’s kind of out-of-control at the moment. In theory, I have a calendar organizer where I write down things that happen. I have sticky notes that I place on the page protector over each pocket. I write down what day that pocket will cover and what photo & story I want to tell. So if I can’t get to documenting right away I at least know there is a spot for it and a reminder of what I wanted to do with it.”

Carey: “I use the Notes app on my iphone. Each night (or so) at bedtime I make a quick entry for the day (or few previous days). I start a new “note” for each week. Then when I’m ready to scrap it’s all there. I’ve tried other apps (my365, Notica) but keep coming back to Notes for simplicity and ease of use. Plus, it’s easy to find the info when I’m months behind.”

How do you keep documenting Project Life when you don’t have time to scrapbook? Share your strategies in our Comments section.


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  1. RachelReply

    I use the Momento App too. It was recommended on some other blogs about PL and I find it helpful. I do my PL monthly but am still very behind!! Too much of a perfectionist :(

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