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January 2015 Hybrid Roundup

Happy Saturday, everyone! We’re bringing the first month of the new year to a close soon and hope that the start of 2015 has been awesome for you all!! Today we’re bringing you a roundup of hybrid projects that have been filling up the gallery here at Pixels and Company. Each is linked to its page in the gallery, so make sure to stop by and check them out. Also, we’d love to see anything that you create so make sure to upload your projects to our hybrid gallery.


Snow Mini Album Cover by Kate Chirstensen

Snow Mini Album Cover


And a peek at some of the pages inside

Snow Mini Album    Snow Mini Album     Snow Mini Album

Snow Mini Album     Snow Mini Album  Snow Mini Album

Snow Mini Album



The Best is Yet to Come hybrid card by Jennifer Barksdale

The Best is Yet to Come hybrid card



Star You Shine by Jennifer Barksdale

Star You Shine Hybrid Layout



Mom’s Planner by Natacha (Solysombra)

mom planner



Mom’s Planner Week 2 by Natacha (Solysombra)

mom planner week2




Mom’s Planner Week 1 by Natacha (Solysombra)

mom planner week 1




Christmas Card Mini Book by Barbara Unzen

Christmas Card Mini Book





I hope these inspire you as much as they do me. Thanks for by and happy crafting!

Documenting Everyday: A Beginner’s Perspective


Hello! I’m Kate. And I’ve never done weekly pocket scrapbooking before.

Through this monthly blog series, I thought I would share with you some of my own struggles (and victories!) now that I’m committed for an entire year to pocket scrapbooking and documenting everyday. I’m a little nervous! One of the reasons I was hesitant was because I thought I would miss designing and building a page from the ground up. I’ve learned over the last couple of weeks that even though I’ve got a basic format and templates, there are other creatively challenging aspects to documenting the everyday. Who knew?!

So…as a newbie, these are some of the questions I had as I prepared to do this, and I follow it up with my own current solutions or plans.

How do I start when January 1 is in the middle of a week?

I seriously thought it was over for me before I even started! Ha! I looked at the calendar, trying to get all psyched up for my new adventure and I saw that January started…on a Thursday.

After talking with some seasoned pros, I decided I would start my Week 1 on January first and just make it a short week. I still had more than enough photos and stories for a 2-page spread, but I would’ve had no problem cutting it down to one page if needed.

Which format? Monthly? One page per week? 2-page spread per week?

I settled on a 2-page spread per week. I have five kids and I homeschool a few of them. I’m not really worried about having a slow week. I don’t think we’ve ever had a slow week.

I sort of dipped my toes into pocket scrapbooking a couple of years ago with a monthly page summarizing what we did in our homeschool. I did that for a couple of years and I loved the result! I started to think that {maybe} I could do a weekly spread and incorporate our everyday. So began my journey.

The big question! Sunday-Saturday or Monday-Sunday?

I’m doing Sunday-Saturday. Because that’s what my calendar says.

How do I keep track of the little moments I want to talk about that are so easily forgotten?

And this is where my planner comes in!


I was so happy to see the bonus for subscribers this month was a whole lot of planner pages.

I love the weekly pages best. Let me give you a peek at my second week in January.


I have a place up top where I can keep track of which week I’m on.

The dates are blank, making them reproducible forever. I also love that I can stamp the date starting with Sunday, because that’s how I’m organizing my weeks this year.

Plus I have some space to write down a little bit of what happened that day, making it easier to remember when I go to put my pages together.

As I get further into the week and I kind of have an idea of the pictures I’ll have to work with, I can start planning out my spreads on the bottom right.

Should I use the same kit all month or will that get boring? Is this really something I should be worrying about?

Right now, my plan is to use the P&Co. subscription kits each month for the entire month. I’ve never been a one-kit-scrapper, but these collaborations are huge. We’re three weeks in and I’m not having trouble at all finding variety each week. And I really like the idea of a book where each month has a cohesive feel and color scheme.


  1. Get yourself a support system of fellow pocket scrappers. Friends will talk you through that little tantrum you had after getting stuck on the right side of week two.
  2. Don’t be afraid to mess with the traditional template or format. As my friend Kat says: There is no right or wrong. Some weeks have only one page? Awesome. You need three pages for a busy week? Do it! You needed to switch to one page a month for the winter because you hibernate like a bear? That’s great, too. It’s all great.
  3. Get the journaling down somewhere (is there an app for that?) before you forget. Because you will forget! Especially the little things, which is why we do this in the first place, yeah?

So how were your first few weeks? Are you new to this, too? Tell me all your secrets! And please link me up to your favorite page so far this year. I’ll leave you with my favorite, the tantrum-inducing Week 2 – Right Side:









Today is Trend Tuesday and we’re going to delve into the world of words. As scrapbookers, we sometimes overlook the importance of our words in favour of our photos and decorative details. Often we’re fearful of what to write or what not to write. Why is that? Is it because words do matter? We don’t want to be misunderstood? We fear our words aren’t good enough?

As much as I love beautiful scrapbook layouts, I love well journaled layouts even more. They give a layout just that much more soul.

“I know nothing in the world
that has as much power as a word.
Sometimes I write one, and I look at it,
until it begins to shine.” 

― Emily Dickinson

More and more, people are using their words wisely. We’re seeking guidance and self-improvement from exploring the meaning of a chosen word and seeing how it applies to our life. Two women who offer classes to help others find their “word” and learn to incorporate its lessons into our lives are: Ali Edwards known for her One Little Word and Susannah Conway offering Find Your Word.

I’ve noticed a trend of scrapbookers using their layouts to express themselves creatively as well as therapeutically. No longer are our layouts just documenting birthday parties and holidays. We’re also including our hopes and struggles. We are sharing our memories as well as our inner worlds. Many of us are using our scrapbooking hobby to understand ourselves better. That’s the great thing about scrapbooking. It can be whatever you want it to be. There are no rules.

Our manifestos are working their way onto our layouts. A personal manifesto is simply a declaration of intentions and values of an individual. They can be in the form of an affirmation, mantra, or even permission slip. The latter no doubt significantly influenced by the popularity of Brené Brown’s The Gifts of Imperfection e-course. She is very good at stressing the importance of empowering yourself with your words. By giving yourself permission to do the things you fear, you become braver. That includes writing down your thoughts on a scrapbook layout.

Affirmations can be as simple as a word (ex. Explore) or a longer statement (ex. I am Enough), repeated or rewritten often enough that it gives us strength and focus to overcome challenges. Affirmations are often seen on word art or journal cards in scrapbooking products.

Now back to that fear of journaling. Saying what you’re thinking can leave you feeling vulnerable. Sometimes it is easier to just say nothing on your layouts. We rationalize that our photos tell the story. Sure, but the loved ones viewing your albums are probably craving your unique perspective. It can be hard to put more than just the facts. For the most part, people don’t want to critique your thoughts. Instead, they are grateful for your insight.

The idea behind Permission slips is to give yourself permission to feel that vulnerability. It allows us to be brave and overlook that nagging fear that we’re going to say or do the wrong thing.

So tell me, is there something you often say to yourself that helps motivate or encourage you in your day? Is there a permission slip you could benefit from giving yourself today? Is this a topic you could scrapbook about? If you’re one who has that journaling fear, do you think you could give yourself permission to add more journaling to your next layout?

In the Pixels and Company shop, I found these products that make a statement:

A Kind Word volume 1: Pep Talk by Deena RutterA Kind Word: Pep Talk by Deena Rutter

Winter Wishes | Mini Kit by Robyn MeierottoWinter Wishes Mini Kit by Robyn Meierotto

Wildwood | Full kit by Celeste KnightWildwood by Celeste Knight

Snippets | Be You by Robyn MeierottoSnippets: Be You by Robyn Meierotto

Authentic Mini – 1 by Celeste KnightAuthentic Mini Kit by Celeste Knight

In the gallery, I found these inspiring layouts:

Next week, we’ll put the focus on trends in Photography. Until then, have a fabulous and meaningful week!

For 2015, Pixels & Company will be featuring Trends in Scrapbooking every Tuesday. Follow along as we explore trends in the areas of: Color, Imagery, Words, and Photography. Every final Tuesday of the month, I will reveal a layout using all of the highlighted trends and challenge you to make one too. I warn you though, trends may become habit forming. Once you spot a trend, you’ll start seeing it everywhere!

Photos in Color or Black & White

Do you always use your photos in color? Sometimes a bit of contrast and seeing an image in black & white helps us focus on the important details. Why not shake it up a bit and try converting some of your images to black & white?


Look at this color image of my daughter in snowy Minnesota:



IMG_5500 copy


now look at the same image in black & white:



IMG_5500 copybw



In the color image you notice a stark contrast between her black coat and the white snow and of course you can’t miss her bright orange hat! To use this image in a layout I would think about using mostly neutral papers with smaller areas of pattern papers and a few embellishments with pops of orange to match her hat.


The black & white image draws me to look at her adorable face with the fur of the hood acting as a frame that helps focus in on my girl. To me this version of the image would be perfect to go a bit wild using lots of bright patterned papers and embellishments.


Try using a black & white image on your next layout and notice how it stands out!

Trend Tuesday – Imagery: FEATHERS








Ta da, it’s Tuesday, again! Can you believe it has been a week since our last post where we discussed the color Gold? Have you been noticing Gold everywhere? I have. Especially gold polka dots and gold dipped items.

Today, we’re moving on to a trend in imagery. I’m seeing feathers. Somewhere a bird is feeling very naked.

“Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops at all.”
― Emily Dickinson

Feathers have been “on trend” for awhile now but it hasn’t waned. They still seem very popular and keep showing up on a wide range of products.

Here are a few items I would love to call my own:

I perused the shop to see what the Pixels & Company Designers have created with Feathers. I found:

  1. Now trending by Gennifer Bursett (How appropriate!)
    Now Trending by Gennifer Bursett

  2. My Tribe by Gennifer Bursett My Tribe by Gennifer Bursett
  3.  Falling Down Cutting Files by Deena Rutter
    Falling Down Cutting Files by Deena Rutter
  4. Every Little Bit: Full Heart brushes by Deena RutterEvery Little Bit: Full Heart by Deena Rutter
  5. Birds of a Feather Celeste Knightck_birdsofafeather-preview

In the gallery, I found these lovely layouts:

  1. Hoot Owls by GleeStormont
    Hoot Owls by GleeStormont
  2. Family Selfie by Angeleann
    Family Selfie by Angeleann
  3. March 2013 by Anna Drozd
    March2013 by AnnaDrozd
  4. DDUgly Sweater by GleeStormontDDUgly Sweater by GleeStormont
  5. Watching You Sleep by Jennifer BarksdaleWatching You Sleep by JenniferBarksdale

Next Tuesday, meet me back here and we’ll talk about words. See you then!

For 2015, Pixels & Company will be featuring Trends in Scrapbooking every Tuesday. Follow along as we explore trends in the areas of: Color, Imagery, Words, and Photography. Every final Tuesday of the month, I will reveal a layout using all of the highlighted trends and challenge you to make one too. I warn you though, trends may become habit forming. Once you spot a trend, you’ll start seeing it everywhere!

Trend Tuesday – Color: GOLD







Join me in celebrating the first Tuesday of the New Year!

For 2015, Pixels & Company will be featuring Trends in Scrapbooking every Tuesday. Follow along as we explore trends in the areas of: Color, Imagery, Words, and Photography. Every final Tuesday of the month, I will reveal a layout using all of the highlighted trends and challenge you to make one too. I warn you though, trends may become habit forming. Once you spot a trend, you’ll start seeing it everywhere!

Without further ado, let’s explore our color trend for January: (drumroll…) GOLD

All that is gold does not glitter,
not all those who wander are lost;
the old that is strong does not wither,
deep roots are not reached by the frost.

– R. R. Tolkien

Have you noticed the color Gold lately? In Scrapbooking products, journals, cards, and home decor products? Gold is catching my eye everywhere.

Here are some Gold items that have recently caught my attention:

Do you think the Pixels & Company Designers are on trend? Let’s see if Gold is making it into their products.


  1. Joyful Mini kit by Meredith Cardall
  2. Dialogue Elements by Gennifer Bursett
  3. Handmade Kit by Jen Allyson
  1. Every Little Bit: Cheers Alpha by Deena Rutter
  2. Honeysuckle kit by Celeste Knight


Ooh, look at that, here are some examples of layouts from our very own gallery.


  1. 2015 week 1 by Lynette Wilkins
  2. Week 35 by Samantha Bellerose
  3. Be – OLW 2015 by Jenny McDonald
  4. December Daily 22 by Anna Drozd
  5. Me Time by NatashyaBay

Do you have a favourite gold Pixels & Company product? Have you recently completed a layout using the color gold? Share a link in the comments. See you next Tuesday when I share another trend. Have a wonderful week!

January 2015 | Challenges

Happy New year! How are you kicking off your year? Do you plan to start or continue a pocket album? Or do you have a goal to scrap more about yourself? These challenges would be a great way to jumpstart your creativity and get a fantastic start for teh new year. Our challenges have changed a bit, we longer have the weekly challenges. We will be focusing on our monthly challenges and our new subscriber area.

Up first is our photo challenge hosted by Anna, she challenges you to use at least one action or preset on your photo. Here’s her layout.

January 2015 Challenges @ P&Co


Now on to the journaling challenge hosted by Samantha. This month, write about your goals, resolutions, focus or even a word you have chosen to work on throughout 2015. Here’s her take on the prompt:

January 2015 Challenges @ P&Co


Natashya welcomes everyone to the template challenge, pick up the free template and play along. Here’s her layout:

January 2015 Challenges @ P&Co


Jane is hosting our recipe challenge, and the first item on her list is something new to you! Check out this great layout:

January 2015 Challenges @ P&Co


The color challenge coordinates with this month’s Subscription Kit, Winter Wishes.  Missy’s layout is a beautiful example of white space, and still incorporates all the colors from her chosen palette.

January 2015 Challenges @ P&Co


If you complete all 5 challenges by 11:59 PM MST on the last day of the month, you will receive a coupon for 25% off. Each page counts for one challenge, and you cannot use one layout for multiple challenges. Challenge layouts must contain at least 25% P&Co products to be eligible for prizes.
Participants will earn the following rewards for completing these challenges:

1 challenge = 5% off
2 challenges = 10% off
3 challenges = 15% off
4 challenges = 20% off
5 challenges = 25% off


Check out our member’s only challenges in the subscriber area. We will regularly host 2 challenges, with occasional bonus challenges or double point opportunities. These challenges will earn participants points which can be redeemed for free or discounted products in the store. $1.00 = 100 points.

Here is a peek at what the subscribers will be using as their inspiration this month:

Jen B scraplifted her way to this beautiful layout:

January 2015 Challenges @ P&Co


Diane has a challenge for the pocket scrappers in the house, with her layout:

January 2015 Challenges @ P&Co

Join us in the forum to see all the details for each challenge. I can’t wait to see all the beautiful layouts!

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December Hybrid Roundup

Hello Everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. This month we’ve got a roundup of some lovely holiday-inspired hybrid projects from our Creative Team and awesome gallery community. Each project below is linked to it’s page in the gallery. Go check them out!

Holiday Gift Tags by Lynette

Holiday Moments Mini Album by Kym

Gift Card & Envelope by Jan

Christmas Cards by Lorell

Ornaments by Natacha

December 2014 Journal by Jennifer

Holiday Tags , Christmas Cards , and Pocket Cards by Me

I hope you feel inspired to create your own hybrid projects. We would love to see them, too! Thanks for stopping by and happy scrapping!

Christmas Photos and Inspiration

One of my favorite things to take pictures of at Christmas, aside from my children of course, is all the little things that make my home feel like Christmas. We all have those special ornaments and traditions. Why not take your camera out, get in a little closer, and take some pictures!
One of my favorite things to photograph during the holidays are my favorite ornaments. I love to get my macro lens out for this so I can really get in close and capture all of the detail of the ornament.

112807-6950a copy

I also always make sure to get a picture of the cookie plate my kids leave out for Santa. This particular year I made sure to place it in front of the tree in order to get the fabulous bokeh from the Christmas lights in the background. (there’s a great tutorial on that here)
121410-7237 copy

I was looking through the gallery and found quite a few inspiration pages that I’d love to share.

This page from Anna (AnnaDrozd) caught my eye almost immediately. Not only does she have a gorgeous page, but the image of her ornament is so delicate and beautiful!


Here is another page from Anna that captures the little bits of the holiday season. I love how soft everything is and the bits of glitter splattered across the page.

I love how Natacha (Solysombra) clipped a photo of her tree to a tree shape and journaled in a similar shape on the other side. Very clever!

Here is a page from Kate (KateChristensen) that captures a wonderful tradition of building gingerbread houses. I love all of the photos, but especially the large photo at the bottom with all of the houses lined up.

Lastly, I love this pocket page from Melanie (MelanieRitchie) that showcases some of her Christmas decorations. I love the little Santa in the snow and the title image is hauntingly beautiful.

So while you’re getting those pictures of all the most important moments, don’t forget to sneak in some shots of the little things around your house that remind you of Christmas. And don’t forget to get a picture of your tree!
122509-4279a copy

Lighten Up, Sequins! Bring a little Bling to Christmas.



Tis the season to make things pretty and scrapbooking pages are no exception. Are you participating in any holiday memory keeping? I love documenting the holidays. Looking over my past layouts, it is interesting to see how things change from year to year (children getting older), and how some traditions continue to stay the same.

I made the following layout to document the 10th day of December. Many of my days this month only have one photo or little story, but this particular day I had a few more photos to share. I had great fun using this template from Meredith Cardall with Deena Rutter’s Every Little Bit: Cheers Bundle.

I loved the sequins included in the kit but they looked dark against the papers I had selected.

So today, I’ll show you how I lightened up the sequins with the curve tool.


1. I opened up the holly leaf sequin file. You can see at the bottom right, I’ve opened up the adjustment layer menu and “curves” is listed sixth from the top. Select it.


2. I selected the middle eye dropper tool. Then I pulled the line up a bit at the top and down a little near the bottom. You’ll have to experiment to see how it affects your element. I was happy when the sequin looked like shown below.




3. I repeated the same step for the red sequin and the tree sequin.



Are you ready to try using the curve tool? I admit, the tool always looked pretty scary to me. Now I love it. I use it on my photos and elements.

Have fun learning!


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