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How to: Protect Privacy and Post on the Web

Hi there! I’m here today to share a tip for blurring portions of your scrapbook pages for posting on the web. Do you post your scrapbook pages online? If you do, you may have found that there are occasions when your pages contain items that you don’t feel comfortable sharing online. That could be any number of things, perhaps identifying information, private journaling, names, or the face of a child. You get the gist. I’m here to tell you that you can still post those pages online. You’ll just want to blur the portion of your scrapbook page you want to keep private.


I’ve accomplished this several different ways over the years, but I’ve got a method that I use now that I feel works really well and is pretty quick. What’s my method you ask? I use the Gaussian blur and I’ll show you how.


I am a digi Project Lifer and I like to share my weekly pages online, but the pages occasionally contain things that I’d prefer to keep private. I’m going to show you a Project Life page that I created earlier this year and show you how I easily blurred a portion of my page to keep it private. Following is the page I’m going to start with. In reality, I’m comfortable with anyone reading or seeing any part of this page, but I’ll blur a portion anyway to show you my method.


Project Life | Week 11


FYI, I created this page using Scotty Girl Design’s This Year 2014 Spring collection and my own Project Life template.


This method works for whatever you want to obscure, but I’ll start with a portion of my journaling. I’m going to show you a really zoomed in portion of my page. Let’s say I don’t want to share the cities where my husband traveled that week. I’ll share with you my process of blurring those words so they can’t be read.





Step 1: Start with a flattened version of your page.


I don’t like to blur portions of my pages on my layered PSD files because I don’t want to run the risk of accidentally overwriting or messing up my “real” page. If I start with the JPG I know that I can always recreate it if I goof something up. (You know, we all goof up sometimes, right? OK, I do at least!)


Here are a couple options (1) Open the JPG you’ve saved for print. OR (2) If you’ve got your layered PSD file open, you can flatten it. Please, if you’re flattening your PSD file SAVE IT FIRST and work on a COPY. It would be so sad if you accidentally saved over your PSD and couldn’t get it back. Been there. Done that. It did make me sad and mad at myself! OR (3) If you’ve got your layered PSD file open you can create a composite layer as the top layer and work on that. To create a composite layer, in the layers palette go to the top most VISIBLE layer and press CMD+OPTION+SHIFT+e on a Mac or press CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+e on a PC.


Step #2. Select a portion of your page you want to blur.


Grab the Rectangular Marquee Tool (Hotkey M) and select the word (or whatever it is you want to obscure) that you want to blur. In this case I selected the names of the cities my husband visited that week. NOTE: You can select multiple areas at one time if you click on the Add to Selection button on the top bar. (See image below.) Notice the marching ants around the words I am going to blur out?




NOTE: Another option you can make at this point when you’re making your selection(s) is whether or not to feather your selection(s). When I’m blurring only words I don’t use a feather. If I’m blurring a face I do blur the selection. Feathering the edges will make the edges of the selection less crisp.


NOTE: If I’m blurring faces I use the Elliptical Marquee Tool. You will find the Elliptical Marquee Tool hidden beneath the Rectangular Marquee Tool.


Step #3. Blur the highlighted selection(s).


Select Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur.




From here you can see how much (or how little) what you’ve highlighted is going to be blurred by the filter with the current settings. For my example I chose a radius of 4 pixels. Reducing the number of pixels means less blurring; increasing the number of pixels means more blurring. You will see the effect of the blur radius you chose in real time as you move and release the slider. Click OK when you’ve chosen a blur radius.




Step #4. Deselect the highlighted selection.


You will now want to deselect the area(s) you had highlighted. You can do that by pressing CMD+D on a Mac or  CTRL+D on a PC. At this point you’ve blurred your selection and you can move on to another part of your page if you’ve got more you want to obscure.


NOTE: I typically blur smaller portions at a time because I usually want to use a different blur radius/feather depending on what I’m selecting. I’ll blur the words from one portion of my page and move on to words in different sections and then do faces, house numbers, license plates, etc. It’s all personal preference and what works best in your workflow.


Now that I’ve shared how I do this process, I’m going to quickly share a page where I broke my rules. I didn’t blur only a small portion of the page; I blurred nearly all the journaling. Another thing I did was I performed the steps to obscure portions of my page within a layered PSD file. I know, I said never to do that. In this instance though, if I’d blurred from a flattened version of my page it would have blurred the blended image behind the journaling and I thought that would look odd, so I broke my rule of always working from a flattened page. I did duplicate the PSD file before I did the blurring so that I was still working on a copy. (To duplicate a file go to Image > Duplicate > OK) Blurring the entire journaling allowed me to share a page I otherwise wouldn’t have wanted to post.




FYI, I created the page above using: Scotty Girl Design’s More than Just Mom kit, Wishing Well Creations’ Everyday Life Library Date Card Stamps 2013 , and the heart brad was from Creashens’ Krafternoon Delight kit – all available at Pixels & Co.


So, that’s it. It’s not so bad, right? Now you can just move on to saving your page for the web.


As with all things Photoshop, there are lots of different ways to blur and obscure portions of your pages, this is the method that works best for me. If you’ve got other methods you’d like to share with us, we’d love to hear about them. Post them in the comments!


Happy scrapping!


Barbara Unzen


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3 Way Challenge Dollar Days Edition I July 19th – 25th

Hi there.  Janelle M here, and I so excited to be hosting the third installment of the Dollar Days 3 Way Challenge. I’m pretty sure everyone has been as amazed as I have at all the super great kits that have been available for just $1! What a great time to pick up tons of new goodies without breaking the bank. For this special edition of the 3-Way Challenge we are challenging you to mix it up – Use any 3 Dollar Days products together on one layout. Easy, right?

I’ve got 2 other CT members playing along too. First is up is Rae Clevett‘s gorgeous page using, 1. It’s a Colorful Life : Black and White Papers by Sugar Plum Paperie, 2. the It’s You Elements by Sabrina’s Creations, and 3. Bloom & Grow by Anita Designs.

Here’s what she had to say about it, “All three Dollar Day products used for this page are so versatile I know I’ll be grabbing them again and again for future pages. The crisp, clean look of the black and white papers caught my eye right away and I just knew I had to create with them. Then adding in some gorgeously detailed buttons, flowers, hearts and flair made the design fast and easy and showcased my photo so well! I added some wordart for some finishing touches and voila…a quick page that came together so easily and each product complements the others so well. These products are all must-haves in my stash!”

Next up is Janell Nugent. Such a beautiful layout (plus every time I look at one of her pages I think, “Gosh her kids are so cute!”) Janell used 1. Forever Friends Elements by Kelleigh Ratzlaff, 2. It’s a Colorful Life : Solid Papers by Sugarplum Paperie, 3. Basics Wood Veneer Elements by Jen Allyson

Janell said this, “I am amazed at all these wonderful kits for only $1. Versatility is the theme of the kits I chose to work with. Kelleigh’s Forever Friend Elements caught my attention right away and I was able to play off the title for my layout of our new puppy “Furever Friends”. These elements are adaptable and good for many seasons. I paired them with Jen Allyson’s amazing veneer elements (which are SUPER versatile) to add some contrast. Lastly, Sugar Plum Paperie’s Solid Papers are extremely easy to scrap with and make a perfect base for any layout.”

And lastly is me, Janelle Miller. I had so much fun grabbing bits of this and that from the different kits. It really is my favorite way to scrapbook! I really loved the fresh summery feel of all three of these kits and how well they worked together for my pictures.

I used 1. Colorful Papers by Robyn Meierotto, 2. Summertastic Elements by Sabrina’s Creations (coming on the 24th so watch for it, you’ll die when you see how awesome), and 3. Best Summer Ever – At the Beach by Mommyish (this is all good, but the water splashes make me just giddy)

Each page counts for one challenge and you cannot use one layout for multiple challenges.

As always, challenge layouts must contain at least 25% P&Co products to be eligible for prizes.

Participants will earn the following rewards for completing challenges:
2 challenges = 10% off
4 challenges = 20% off
6 challenges = 30% off
8 challenges = 40% off and a chance for a guest spot

This challenge must be completed by 11:59pm MST on the 25th of July.

Once you have created your layout, make sure you upload it to the Challenge Gallery. Then post it in this forum challenge thread as well as the July tracking thread in order to receive your points.

Have fun & we can’t wait to see what you come up with too!

Using Heat Transfer Vinyl with Cutting Files

Have you ever seen a cut file in the shop and thought it would look really cute on a shirt, bag, etc.?  These cut files are not just for use with paper for cards and paper layouts.  You can actually use them on anything that can be cut – including heat transfer vinyl (HTV).

Today, I thought I would share with you my process for using cut files from the P&Co. shop with HTV to create a fun shirt for our daughter.

Our daughter has a love of butterflies and Karla Dudley has delivered this adorable shapes pack in the shop.

Butterfly | butterfly shapes

The hardest part of the process is deciding which butterfly.  ;)  Ultimately, I chose the one below.  Please note that I am using a Silhouette machine to cut my files but you could use any machine that supports the files.  You could also hand cut the images with scissors or a craft knife and a steady hand  – the cut files in shop all include PNG files as well to be used as a printed template.


Because I am cutting HTV and not printing the image out, I am not concerned about the color of the butterfly, or lack thereof.  The red lines shown are what the machine will cut out.  All I need to do is to resize the image to the dimensions that I need.

The next step is very important – be sure to mirror your image using your software.  In this example, the butterfly would look the same if it were flipped.  To show you what I mean, I have created a mirror image of another of Karla’s cut files: Everyday Storyteller



Once your image is mirrored, it’s time to cut your image out.  Please be sure to cut with the shiny side of the HTV down.  Now it’s time to weed (remove the excess).  Because weeding can take some time, I tend to plug in my iron on the highest cotton setting and allow it to warm up for about 5 minutes.  Please make sure that you empty any water that may be stored for steam as you need to use dry heat.

Since my design is pretty intricate with many small holes, I have found that a hooked tool can be very useful – you could easily use a safety pin to poke the area and slide a bit to grasp smaller sections.


After weeding, you are left with your design.  Please note that depending on the type of HTV you use (smooth, glitter, flocked), you may have some remnants of the material left behind on the plastic – this is nothing to worry about as it will not transfer to your fabric.

Once the iron is ready, I like to iron my shirt one last time to make sure that it is a smooth surface to adhere to.  After this comes my personal stressful part in that my perfectionist nature stresses over placement of the image.  I have been known to pull out rulers and measuring tape!  ;)  Place the image with the plastic side up (your image will appear as it should, not mirrored).  You may notice that there is a bit of stickiness to the plastic, which helps to hold your HTV in place.


Now, place a thin piece of fabric on top of the HTV.  I have a bandana that I use just for this purpose.  Having the fabric there prevents any of the plastic from melting and damaging your iron.  Place the iron over the fabric and apply pressure as you move slowly around the area.  Depending on the brand of HTV you use, you may need more pressure than others.  I personally prefer Siser Easy Weed as it is easy to weed, has a quick adhesion, and does not require as much pressure.  After about a minute slowly peel up a corner of the plastic and see if the image has transferred, if it hasn’t simply iron a bit more.  If it has transferred, slowly remove the rest of the plastic, revealing your image.  As an extra step, I always lay the bandana back over the image and iron once again for a few sections, especially around edges to ensure full adhesion.  Once you are done, it is time to enjoy your new garment.  Pretty easy, isn’t it?


We’d love to hear if you have tried HTV in the past.  Please share any experiences or questions you may have in the comments.


3 Way Challenge Dollar Days Edition | July 12 – July 18

Pixels and Company 3 way challenge

Hey there! I am super excited to be hosting my very first challenge here at Pixel & Co.! We have a special “Dollar Days Edition” of the 3 – Way Challenge for this month. Mixing and matching kits from different designers is one of my favorite ways to scrap a page. The Dollar Days Sale, makes it super easy and inexpensive to take a bunch of different kits and mix them up to create something unexpected. For this 3 – Way Challenge you just need to use at least 3 different products from the Dollar Days Sale on your page.

I recruited a couple of talented CT ladies to play along with me this week. First up is Maribel Riva’s gorgeous page:

Sunshine Digital Layout by Maribel Rivas for Pixels & Co.


When I saw Mommyish’s mini kit “Best Summer Ever | At the Beach” I though it was perfect for this photo of my son playing with the sand at the beach. I just love the variety of elements in it, the colorful papers and there are even journal cards. I love to use journal cards on my layouts too. It’s a mini, not so mini kit. There’s even an alpha in there (both shadowed and unshadowed versions) that I used for part of the title. Mari Koegelenberg’s “Oh Happy Days Brush Pack 1″ worked so well for my title, they can be easily recolored to whatever color and I chose the yellow from the kit for the big Sunshine wordart. The third item I used was one of Amber Morrison’s awesome templates from “Metamorphosis” template pack to bring it all together. I love using templates to make a page quickly, in this case the template had two photo spots and I used one for a journal card from the mini kit.

Jen Hignite also played along and made this beautiful page:

Days Like This Digital Layout by Jennifer Hignite for Pixels & Co.

Dollar Days Sale at Pixels & Co

Summertime is when I take the most photos throughout the year, so Tiffany’s Year of Templates Summer Edition Pack One will be used over and over again! I knew I wanted to use it to document a fun filled day last summer. The Best Summer Ever kit by Mommyish was a perfect fit to use with this template and my photos! I am so in love with the colors and the elements! It is an absolute steal for only $1! To finish the layout off I used a few of Mari’s amazing Oh Happy Day wood Veneers! They are the perfect way to add a little bit of dimension to any page and a great staple kit to add to your stash.

I, (Jenn McCabe), had a lot of fun mixing and matching kits, so I used a few more than 3 products from the Dollar Days Sale on my page:

Girls Just Want to Have Fun Digital Layout by Jenn McCabe for Pixels & Co.


Kim B’s fun “Girls Time Out Word Art” instantly made me grab a cute photo of my daughter’s soccer team, all jumping into the pool at the same time. The bright colors of Sugarplum Paperie’s “It’s A Colorful Life” collection, (I used the washi tapes and solid papers), was also a great fit for the photo and mood of the page. Jen Allyson’s darling little collection of “Basic Wood Veneers” gave me that little touch of 3-dimension I was looking for. The foundation of the page comes from using Southern Serenity’s “Metamorphosis” Templates. I reached for DSI’s “Back to Basics Paper Pack” for some beautiful solid papers to set the stage for all the pretty elements.

Don’t forget – Each page counts for one challenge and you cannot use one layout for multiple challenges.

Challenge layouts must contain at least 25% P&Co products to be eligible for prizes.

Participants will earn the following rewards for completing challenges:
2 challenges = 10% off
4 challenges = 20% off
6 challenges = 30% off
8 challenges = 40% off and a chance for a guest spot

This challenge must be completed by 11:59pm MST on the 18th of July.

Once you have created your layout, make sure you upload it to the Challenge Gallery. Then post it in this forum challenge thread as well as the July tracking thread in order to receive your points.

I can’t wait to see your pages! Happy Scrapping!

Project Life – Breaking Free from your “Weekly” Mode

Of course the biggest attraction to any type of ‘Project Life’, 365 daily is documenting each week/month of the year. But sometimes I find when I’m doing a weekly layout, I become stressed trying to cram the bigger moments in with the rest of the everyday. So that got me thinking, why not just showcase them on a separate page? After all, it’s MY album, I don’t have to follow any set rule on creating only  weekly pages.

Here is an example of a page I just finished – documenting a book signing of my favourite Author. I started off trying to fit it all into a 4×6 and 3×4 pocket and was so frustrated. I had an itch to add more and didn’t want to stifle the memory. So if you get an itch to keep playing with your photos, feel free to expand on it!

PL Diana GJenP

I thought it was fun to add Audrey Neal’s time stamps to represent the entire day. So I was excited to find a similar PL layout in the P&Co. Pocket Gallery documenting a day-in-the-life by GiadaR.

GiadaR-Day_in_the_life-May (1)

Another fun idea outside of your ‘weekly’ layouts could be focusing on everyday recurrences. My daughter draws all the time. Sometimes I add her doodles within a weekly layout, but occasionally they become overwhelming! So last year I dedicated a page to them all. This way I can remember them forever. :)


Pockets by Karla Dudley

Here I featured some of my favourite T.V. shows that I ‘binge watched’ this year (some for a second round! LOL).

PL tv JenP

Then there here are times I want a little extra breathing room, but don’t need to commit to an entire page. Inserts are a fun way to add some flair to your album as well. Inserts can come in different sizes, but for my album I used a couple of 6×12 ones:

PL dad insert Jen P       PL quote insert_JenP

In traditional scrapbooking a pocket sleeve is used, however in a digital album (that is printed) it is done a little differently. When the album is printed, it will still print the entire page (showing in white). Cut along the edge of your insert (getting rid of the white space) and add a tab (such as washi tape!) to the side for easy flipping. Be sure to do another insert (in same size) for the page behind as well. I haven’t actually finished my printed album to be able to show you this, but I did find an example of one from the blog ‘Family Bees’ (shown below):

family bees

courtesy of familybees.blogspot

I hope you enjoyed this little bit of inspiration! Remember to keep scrapping those weeks, but if you find some weeks are crazy and filled with too many memories, feel free to expand the week out a bit! I give you permission! :)

I had a lot of fun with my Binge-Watching layout. I made a little filler card for it and thought I’d share it with other fellow addicts like me who may want to document this as well (or just include it in your weekly layouts).

Binge Watching Cardblog

Just click the link to my blog Scrap Tales to download! Enjoy.


Happy Scrapping!


3 Way Challenge Dollar Days Edition | July 5 – July 11


It’s time for another 3 way! But this month, we’re doing things a little bit different. As I’m sure you all know, it’s Dollar Days for the whole month of July here at Pixels & Company. Every day there are new items in the shop, for just $1 each! For this challenge, we’re keeping things really simple – just use three different dollar days products on a layout.

Here are a few different takes on the challenge. First up is this beauty by Jenn McCabe:

“I used Dollar Days kits from three different designers to create my challenge layout. I was drawn to Creashen’s “iScream Stickers & Journalers” as soon as I saw them. It is a darling collection perfect for summer themed pages. I absolutely adore the hand drawn doodles. I also loved the colors, the ephemera bits & pieces, and the adorable buttons found in DSI’s “Fresh From the Oven Elements“. To tie the colors of the two kits together, I reached for Kelleigh’s “Forever Friends Papers“. The bright pink and turquoise papers and elements were the perfect pieces to bring the whole page together.”

Pallavi Sureka used several great products to create this lovely layout:

“I used a number of Dollar Days products from various designers for my page ….and that is super unlike me I really loved the Dollar Days stuff that the designers put together in these first days so decided to use as many as I could! I am not a pocket scrapper but was drawn to Southern Serenity’s My Life Project – June Templates. Loved Geniffer Bursett’s My Tribe Papers which added the right mix of colours and neutrals to the page. Given these are my vacation snaps, I just couldn’t do without Scotty Girl Design’s This Year Vacation brushes. I also used elements from Digital Scrapbook Ingredients’ Fresh From the Oven…for a totally non baking layout, as well as Mari Koegelenberg’s Oh Happy Day Wood Veneer….these were just perfect for the final touches to my page!”

Lastly, I (Lynnette Wilkins) had so much fun playing with these new goodies! Here’s what I created:

“I fell in love with the gorgeous pattern papers in this pack! And then when I saw the elements – gasp – I was sold. Both were perfect for scrapping about my daughter and her favorite minnie mouse ears. I used the essential styles by Mommyish to create a kraft title and matching kraft hearts, which added a neutral touch to the page. I was so impressed by how easy they were to use – and you get several different styles which is an amazing deal for just $1! I’ll be using them over and over again.”

Don’t forget – Each page counts for one challenge and you cannot use one layout for multiple challenges.

Challenge layouts must contain at least 25% P&Co products to be eligible for prizes.

Participants will earn the following rewards for completing challenges:
2 challenges = 10% off
4 challenges = 20% off
6 challenges = 30% off
8 challenges = 40% off and a chance for a guest spot

This challenge must be completed by 11:59pm MST on the 11th of July.

Once you have created your layout, make sure you upload it to the Challenge Gallery. Then post it in the forum challenge thread as well as the July tracking thread in order to receive your points.

Have fun creating!

Challenges | July 2014

Are you ready for the crazy month of July? Dollar Days means the store will be hopping and we will be seeing lots of new layouts in the gallery. It’s the perfect month to jump into the challenges and maybe try something new.

First up is our photo challenge. Hosted this month by Becca, she challenges us to compare and/or contrast in our photos.  Here’s her layout:

P&Co July 2014 Photo Challenge

Pallavi has challenged us to record something about a landmark in this month’s journaling challenge. Her landmark is the Vatican, take a look at the beautiful layout she created.

P&Co Journaling Challenge July 2014


Linda challenges you to create white space in her Template Challenge. Check out her clean and simple layout. Download the free template and join in.

P&Co Template Challenge July 2014

Erin is back in the recipe challenge, 5 ingredients + your creativity = one great layout. Take a peek at what Erin created:

P&Co Recipe Challenge July 2014

The color challenge is up! Kat put together a sweet color palette with just enough boldness.


Congratulations to Natashya Bay. She is our Guest CT member for July. She completed all 8 Challenges in May, earning her a 40% off coupon and her guest spot on the team.


I hope you’ll join us in the forum and play along. You can earn discounts for participating and even get the chance to be a guest on our Creative Team for a month. Participants will earn the following rewards for completing challenges:
2 challenges = 10% off
4 challenges = 20% off
6 challenges = 30% off
8 challenges = 40% off and a chance for a guest spot

If you complete all 8 challenges by 11:59 PM MST on June 30, you will receive a coupon for 40% off, plus you will be entered to win a guest spot on the P&Co Creative Team! The first five challenges will be posted on the first of the month; the remaining challenges will be posted weekly. Each page counts for one challenge, and you cannot use one layout for multiple challenges. Challenge layouts must contain at least 25% P&Co products to be eligible for prizes.

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June Hybrid Roundup


Hybrid Projects From Our Creative Team

We’re showing off some gorgeous hybrid creations from our Creative Team members today. This is a “roundup” of hybrid projects uploaded by the CT into the hybrid gallery this month. We would LOVE to see your hybrid projects, too – please show us what you’re up to, I know digi people tend to get crafty with paper and adhesive, too! Each project below is linked to it’s page in the gallery. Go check them out!

4th of July Table Centerpiece by AriaAndrus



Hybrid Hair Accessories by JennMcCabe


Hybrid Coffee Mug by JenPapadimitriou


Happy Together Hybrid Card by Laura ODonnell


Travel Softball Hybrid PL by Laura ODonnell


You Can Do Great Things by Laura ODonnell


Thanks for stopping by and have a crafty weekend!

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June Gallery Highlights

Hi everyone!

It’s Emilie here to bring you some of my favourite layouts from the P&Co gallery this month.


Seven Mile Beach by MariST

First is this gorgeous page by MariST.  I just love the photo and how it has been highlighted by the simple design.  This is such a great idea for scrapping panoramic photos too – they always seem to sit unscrapped on my harddrive!


you-are-beautiful by scrappurple

Another stunning photo here! I love the clusters and the titlework as well.  The colours chosen add to the autumnal feel of the page and showcase the photo perfectly.


Let’s Talk by MaribelRivas

I love questionnaire-style pages and this layout is such a great example of how they can capture so many everyday moments that may not otherwise make it onto a layout by themselves.  The layering is fabulous and I love all the bold patterned papers used.


June – Journaling Challenge by huyentrang43

Next up is this cute layout by huyentrang43.  The diagonal design of this is so fun and I just love the chevron paper pieces.  It is such a great idea to journal about first impressions as well!


weekend in vermont by lcpereyra

I love this double page layout by lcpereyra.  The bright colours of the kit perfectly complement the photos and the patterned paper polaroids are super cute.


Ring Home by ceefl0wer

Last but certainly not least is this gorgeous photo-less layout by ceefl0wer.  I love the bold coloured background and the graphic papers used.  Such a great memory documented!


That’s all from me… Have a great month!

Realistic Ball Point Journaling

Hi all! Indah here with a quick and easy tip to create a subtle realistic look to your journaling using Photoshop (I use Photoshop CS6). You know when you use your ballpoint that there are some points that has a blob more ink? Well here’s how.

First off, create your journaling using your favorite font. I used Karla’s amazing Notebook font. Pick a color that resembles a ballpoint color, don’t choose black because it won’t show. If you want a black color then opt for a dark grey instead.

6-17-2014 10-39-27 PM

After that, rasterize the type or flatten the layer.

6-17-2014 10-40-18 PM

Now click on the Burn and Dodge Tool and select the Burn Tool.

6-17-2014 10-40-41 PM

With opacity level of 50%, brush random spots or points. Make it really uneven, some  spots should be darker and some should be just slightly darker.

6-17-2014 10-42-02 PM

Now change the type layer option to Multiply so that color blends with the paper.

6-17-2014 10-42-15 PM

Here’s my finished layout:


I used Scotty Girl Designs’ Andiamo Collection kit in addition to Karla Dudley’s Notebook Fonts. Hope this is helpful. Have a nice day!

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